Friday, June 15, 2012


Day Fifteen - We are officially farmers! Last night we got day old chicks. The kids are so excited! As you can tell from all the exclamation marks I may be a little bit excited too! Anyway, the chicks are living with a friend of ours for a few weeks until we have a home for them here. In the mean time, could there be a cuter thing than a fluffy little yellow chick? It was perfect timing for my 'yellow' photo for today! I have a busy day ahead so I'm not going to bother you for long today other than to share with you a little verse that has been going through my head...

O, little chick
So soft and sweet
In a few short months
You'll be yummy to eat....

Hope that doesn't offend anyone, but it was really making me laugh today! Until tomorrow...

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