Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Day Nineteen - I'm not one to fuss about myself. I do days without looking in the mirror. I just can't be bothered sometimes. If I'm busy in the garden or hangin' at home, just me and Coen, I don't see the point in getting all gussied up. So if you look closely at the nail polish on my toes...which I may do twice annually, you will notice the grown out part and the chippiness with a little bit of garden dirt thrown in for kicks. That's kind of me. You can see my flaws. Crazy hair and all! If you've never met me personally, it wouldn't take you long to hear them in my speech too. Jeremy points them out often!! Most people know their flaws all too well and don't really need anyone to remind them, just in case you feel like doing that...don't! When they do look in the mirror that's the only thing that they see. I used to get bugged about my nose, once upon a time. After that I kind of obsessed about it for quite a few years in Jr. high. It was larger than life to me. Now I really don't care. I have a really great sense of smell and I really get a good laugh about what my forever growing nose will look like when I'm ninety! (And believe me...if you stink...I'll smell it!) It's funny that the imperfect grows on you over time. You can be comfortable in your own skin and that is an awesome feeling.

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  1. Just talked about this today with a friend! What is the balance between accepting your flaws and the things that you can't change with the things that you can and should change in yourself? When do you strive to be better and just accept what you cannot change?