Friday, June 1, 2012


New challenge. For the month of June I've decided two things. One, I am doing a photo challenge. That means that everyday this month I will take a photo and post it here. The topic for each day was taken from a blog called if you would like to check that out and possibly join the challenge. That would be fabulous! I always have really great intentions when it comes to taking pictures but rarely have my camera in hand. I'm hoping that this will get me into a better groove. The second part of the challenge is my own. I am also going to write about the topic of the photo. I am up for the challenge. My picture will hopefully inspire me...if not I guess we'll find out!!!
Day One - At 6:30 the alarm rings and the day begins.
My ears are the first things to awaken in the morning.
The birds are instant messaging each other and the breeze moves the blinds on the window like a drummer with no time.
Coen sings a happy tune from his bed, greeting the new day Coen style.
 Jeremy stirs to the turn off the radio's breaking headlines.
My eyes crack open.
Light filters through the cracks and breaks it's way into the black and white sleepiness of our room.
I lay there a minute and soak up the last moments of peacefulness before I pull my heavy limbs from their slumber and shuffle to the bathroom.

 I dream of the smooth, hot coffee that will finish the "awakening" as I pull on my clothes and make my way into Elle's room to get her day started.
I give her good morning cuddles, pick out her clothes, brush her hair, remind her to make her bed, to wash her face, and to go to the bathroom.
I could do this in my sleep.
Maybe I am.
How many mornings have we done this exact thing, this exact way, this exact conversation?
Mornings always come.
They are constant.
The only thing that isn't constant are our moods.

Some morning moods make me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. 
Others energize me.
A smile and a kiss from a sleepy smelling sweet kid is my favorite way to start any day, hands down.
A seven-year-old whining about wardrobe choices is my least favorite.
Negative moods make me grumpy too.

Eventually we are all in the same place, sitting around the table munching on our breakfasts.
But there are so many little things that we do before we ever get there.
Jeremy and I have a elaborate kitchen dance we do in the mornings.
He makes breakfast.
I make lunch for Elle, set the table and make the coffee.
We step lightly around one another.
Him with sizzling pans, cracked egg shells and greasy fingers.
I with mayo, ham and cheese, a juice box and a loaf of bread.
Silently, we anticipate where each other are going to be without saying much.
We talk after coffee.

Shoes on.
Sweater on.
Back-pack on.
Elle and I head out the door.
No embarrassing car dance routines by moi this a.m..
Today we walk in the glittery sunshine to the bus.
We hold hands.
Moods forgotten.

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