Friday, June 22, 2012

From a High Angle

 Day Twenty-Two - I know not a fabulous photo...Jeremy did offer a trip up in the man lift to take an incredible photo from a VERY high angle, but I was busy doing this instead....mixing my potions....I mean making apricot jam. This is the yummiest and most apricoty jam I've ever tasted. I've used this same recipe since the first time I tried it five years ago. I wish I could take credit for the genius of the recipe, but alas I cannot. The credit goes to a lady named Jen. Her recipe and her words can be found here: It is definitely worth the twenty-five minutes of stirring, I promise. I wish that this photo was scratch and sniff so you could smell what I'm smelling!! Tip: Grab a book and wear some oven mitts so you don't get sprayed with the hot lava while stirring! The end result is fantastic!!! Oh, and one more thing...use the apricot pit like she says...

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