Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Day Thirteen - Today's topic is one that is dear to my The artist that I've chosen to highlight today is brilliant. Her work is full of color and her philosophy is simple. She once told me that, to her, art is a picture with no white left showing. I have to concur with her astute observation. I definitely think that she achieved that in this painting of a rooster. This budding artist is my one and only girl...Elle.

Elle loves to create. Her imagination is active and it comes out in what she makes. I love that about her. Her aspirations to be an artist one day are echoes of her parents dreams as small children. Creating things is such an innate thing in all of us. I think we get that from our Creator. There are things that each of us find pleasing to look at or listen to. That taste is different in each of us. We get that from our Creator as well. Whenever I think about these kinds of things I am always filled with a sense of awe. It is not by chance that we crave beauty or desire to create it for ourselves. Beauty fills us with a sense of rest. Beauty can inspire hope. Beauty can calm troubled nerves. The beauty that others create can help us acknowledge that there are beautiful things inside of us as well.

When I look at the painting that Elle created, I see glimpses of her. Her painting reflects the energy that she has for life. Her color choices have warmth yet are vibrant and living, just like her. This painting is bright, bold and busy, just like her. It is full of imagination and creativity, just like her. It is full of whimsy, just like her. There's a quote that says: Art imitates life. I think that art also imitates the artist. I can't wait to see what my little painter will create and who she will become.

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