Thursday, June 14, 2012


Day Fourteen - Time is something that we don't always think about. We celebrate birthdays; they mark years. But often as the days go by in between the 'big' days we forget that moments are passing. This photo represents today. It also represents how as time goes by people change and grow up and pass on skills and knowledge. The three generations that are represented in this photo are important and different. Each has it's own unique values. Each has it's own way of both teaching and learning. Each has an impact on the other. Each relies on the others for guidance and help.

Time is visible. Time creates scars that are individual. Time causes growth and maturity. Time adds character and patina. Time creates strength and endurance. Time changes boys into men.


  1. What is a "Man"? At what point does a boy become a Man? I know some teenagers who act, think & behave more like a "real man" than some guys who are 3 times their age!

    I agree, time is powerful, but there is far more, than the passage of time, involved in making a man!

  2. Roger...I agree! Best case scenario time + taking responsibility for oneself and others = a man. Worst case scenario boy remains a boy and lives with his mother forever....that's a long 'time'!!!!! Thanks for taking the 'time' to read!