Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where I slept....

Day Twenty One - I have to say this has been the strangest photo yet. I'm actually kind of weirded out that you all now know exactly where I sleep every night. You would think, Lisa the Blogger, who shares her thoughts and feelings would be okay with this. But I'm not sure I am!! So let's change the subject! This is where I sometimes sleep. On the right side. Close to the door where children sometimes saunter in at all hours of the night. Last night in fact was one of those nights. 12:47 A.M.
Enter small child saying: It is too dark.
Me: Yep. It's the middle of the night.
Small child: I know, but I can't see.
Me: Neither can I. (sigh)

I pulled my cozy self out of my warm bed turned on the blinding interrogation lights and went to find a light bulb for the night light so it wouldn't be too dark and so the small child could close his eyes, that didn't need to see anyway. So goes parenthood. Lessons in zero logic at ONE A.M.!

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