Monday, June 21, 2010


I spent the better part of my afternoon rouging my lawn of thistles. They are nasty little guys, especially if you're wearing sandals. I actually kind of enjoyed the weeding though, even the prickles that poked through my leather gloves on occasion couldn't get me down. I think that knowing that when I am finished having a thistle free lawn is going to be an improvement. We just planted grass around our house this spring and I have to say that it really isn't a beautiful sight to behold at the present. There are weeds everywhere and I am trying to battle them by my sweat. I know most of you would probably tell me that there are weed killers out there, and that I am wasting my sweat and breaking my back when I could spray them and be done with it. Weeds have always been painted in a bad light. They have got a bad rap and rightly so in most cases. I've been doing some research about organic lawns and they say the trick is to know which ones to battle against with the sweat and which ones can be dealt with by encouraging your grass to choke them out all by themselves! This is an exciting thought to me, the organic lawn grower! There is "possibly" something more beautiful to be seen than the present state of my weed/lawn!

I've had all afternoon to think about weeds and have come to some conclusions. We all have weeds in our lives. Sometimes we can see them lurking around in the corners, hanging out, multiplying, growing, getting bigger, looking ugly. Sometimes the weeds have blended in so well with the grass that we forget about them until our weed causes someone else pain. Some weeds need to be dealt with head on and yanked out, others can be dealt with and choked out by practicing a different, healthy habit. Whatever the weed and whatever way you choose to deal with them at some point you are going to need to face them. When you do, don't give them a chance to grow back. Keep fertilizing your life by practicing things like love, kindness, patience, tolerance, compassion, gratitude, generosity, loyalty, joy, and honesty. Life is about the practicing. This week pick something to practice. I'm choosing gratitude because I've seen the complaining weed poking around lately. Instead of complaining I am going to choose to think and say things out of gratefulness. I'll let you all know how that goes!! I'd love to hear how you battle your weeds too! As Red Green would say "We're all in this together!" Thanks for reading.....

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