Thursday, June 3, 2010


There are some things that I loved doing as a kid that, now since I have children of my own, I get to do again. Things like swinging as high as I possibly can, coloring in a coloring book, cutting out a paper snowflake, reading the Bobbsey Twins, driving cars in the sandbox, jumping in a puddle, watching Charlie Brown cartoons, looking for "special " rocks and flying a kite. I get to relive those memories of my childhood with a spin on them... my own kids love the same kinds of things that I did (and still do!). Elle really loves flying kites. This is one of the activities that she will ask to do because she knows that we will all go and stand in the field by our house and play together.

Kites are funny things. Maybe your kite flying skills are better than mine, but I can rarely get the kite up into the breeze without someone throwing it up and me running like mad, tightening the slack on the string, hoping that the wind cooperates at that exact moment. It's a tricky sequence to master, especially by yourself. Meanwhile, the five-year-old is tapping her little foot, hands on hips, waiting for Mom to finally get it together!

Kites are kind of like life.
Sometimes your kite soars.
Sometimes your kite dips and dives.
Sometimes your kite holds steady, proud and flapping in the gale.
Sometimes your kite dramatically crashes.
Sometimes your kite's string gets tangled around someone elses kite string.
Sometimes your kite is so high you can barely see it.
Sometimes your kite just won't fly at all, no matter how hard you try.
Sometimes you lose your kite and have to go find it.
Sometimes your kite gets caught in trees.
Sometimes your kite breaks.
But flying your kite is always an adventure, no matter what happens, because you get to share the experience with people you love.

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