Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me = Chicken

I am a chicken. I don't have feathers, I don't cluck, and I most definitely am not up with the dawn but I am a chicken. There are times when I am the biggest coward. For me, I think cowardice looks like pride. My chicken likeness rears it's head when I need to admit that I am wrong, don't know everything, or apologize. I had to write an e-mail today that was an apology and I had been putting it off for forever. The knowing that I needed to make amends was lurking around in the back of my mind for at least a couple of months and during a conversation yesterday I felt the urge to finally face it. So, this morning I wrote the email. No excuses included. Heart in throat. Sorry said. Forgiveness asked for. Now I wait.

Pride is a facade. It lets me remain smug in the face of conviction. It covers the hurts inflicted by others with the appearance of strength. Even while my own heart breaks. It puts a smile on my face and words in my mouth that I don't really feel or even want to say. It allows me to think, if only for awhile, that I can avoid owning up to the pain that I cause others. This wall of pride needs to crumble a lot more often. It is easy to hide behind it. It is hard to break the wall down and be real with people. It's difficult to admit that I am wrong. It's humbling to ask for forgiveness. But I don't want pride to be what people see when they see me.

People who are truly great are servants.
People that leave an imprint in our lives are givers.
People that impact the world are humble.
People that are worth following know how to admit weakness.
People that are truly famous never sought fame.
These people live life without pride.
These people are not chickens.

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  1. Love it Lisa. Your writing is so real. Thanks for sharing. Marcy