Friday, May 7, 2010

The Virgin Blog

The first time...
Am I nervous? check.
Am I intimidated by all the amazing bloggers out there? check.
Am I ecstatically excited? check.
Am I hoping that more people than my mama will read this? check.
Should I get on with it? check!
Do I have anything to say? hmmm...

Rock Star....
I was at a get-together awhile ago and all the people that were there were asked this question; "If time and money were no object, what would you be doing with your life?" Most people talked about going to amazing travel destinations and spending more time with their loved ones (very important stuff!). I said that I would be a rock star. That got a laugh. I think most people thought that I wasn't serious.... but I really was. It's a dream of course.... but it's also a culmination. The end product of years of practicing and sharing my musical talent, an outlet for the songs that I've written, and a purpose for this crazy head of hair! Why can't I? That's the question that has plagued me since. Why can't I? Why I can't is the reality that's been kicking me around. At 33 years old, with 2 young kids, the mountain of reasons why I can't seems insurmountable. Here's the partial...
I am too old
I'm not good enough
my family needs me
I live in the sticks!
I don't have connections
Would anyone come to my show?
This list is so lame to me. At 80 years old, will I regret it if that mountain was never attempted? So, I write, I compose, I edit, I scream (definitely for "rock star" practice), I live (that's where the songs come from) and my husband is finishing the basement so we can record album #2! Rock stardom, to me, is my attempt at disciplining myself and my art and working towards something.
Will anyone care that I have attempted to climb my mountain? Maybe not anyone but myself. But, at 80 I will say, "I was a rock star!". It may not be in the classical definition of all that entails, but it's about using my gifts, my life to try something that seems out of reach, to do it! Really do it and say something important along the way. What's your impossible dream and what are you doing to climb your mountain?


  1. I'll read your blog Lisa! And when you are a more famous rock star ('cause ya already are one!) I'll be proud to say that I know and love you! Write on... :)

  2. Lisa, I have always believed you have what it takes! talent, personality, and heart.(Im totally not just blowing smoke out my butt here, I have truly always thought that about you!) I eagerly await your next cd and the opportunity to brag to everyone I meet that I know you when you become famous!!!!! Mike Zorn

  3. Lisa, I have enjoyed reading your meanderings and in my mind was shouting "Go for it!" I have always loved your music and the heart and reality you write into it. You can count on me to be in the line to buy your CD (just let me know where it is!!) Keep pursuing the destiny that God has created you for!!
    Rae Ann

  4. I am so excited!! Why you ask? It seems that when you say you are going to do do it. AND...I'm going to be related to a rock star!!! I'll let you know my soon as I figure it out!
    Luv Sandi

  5. Really enjoyed reading this Lisa! Keep em coming!! Marcy

  6. Thank you all for your encouraging comments...this is tooooo fun! Sandi - I know what your dream is..... having some groovy, sassy black tap shoes and all the moves that go with them!!

  7. I'll pre-order a dozen of the new album... Will they be available through DedCat Records? Love Ded Cat.