Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Life requires skills. Some skills are learned, some are common sense, some are inherent. (The word 'skills' always makes me giggle. I think of Napoleon Dynamite and "nun chuck skills".) The more skills you acquire the better you can survive whatever crazy thing life throws at you. I have been creating a list for quite some time of all the skills required and knowledge needed for a day in the life of me as mother, wife, and friend. Some I have mastered, others not so much, but I am a work in progress. Maybe you can relate to my list of Things a girl should know...

1. How to change a tire on the side of the road.
2. How to sing a couple of lullabies.
3. How to read a map without GPS assistance and actually get where you need to go.
4. How to bake and decorate a cake that meets the critical approval of a five year old.
5. How to laugh at PMS and other unfortunate but realistic happenings!
6. How to cook an edible turkey dinner and get it all on the table at the same time.
7. How to make a paper airplane that actually flies.
8. How to identify a nit and an adult louse....ewwww!
9. How to both entertain children while driving and keep your husband sane.
10. How to produce important documents from wherever they may have been placed, out of thin air and at any given moment. Note: Every document is important at some time!
11. How to plant and care for a garden.
12. How to fly a kite.
13. How to iron a shirt, a dress, and pants.
14. How to back seat drive without being too obvious.
15. How to forgive.
16. How to dance, if not gracefully or skillfully, with enthusiasm!
17. How to bake bread.
18. How to tell a good story without the word "like".
19. Know where to go when you need a good cry or a good laugh.
20. How to make an excellent pot of coffee or tea.
21. How to use a drill and other power tools.
22. How to throw a party where your guests have fun!
23. How to walk in heels.
24. How to give a massage.
25. How to tie up skates.
26. Know the birthdays, anniversaries, special days of your in-laws.
27. How to get to the emergency room...safely.
28. How to find good deals.
29. How not to complain.
30. How to throw a football.
31. Know the words to "O Canada".
32. How to bandage a wound.
33. How to change a diaper ...anywhere.
34. How to write a thank you note.
35. How to give and take a compliment.
36. How to get through a formal dinner without looking like a bumpkin!
37. How to take care of a pet.
38. How to be two places at once.
39. How to get stains out of clothes.
40. How to hang a picture.
41. How to cut the hair two year-old in five minutes or less!
42. How to use a "bear banger".
43. How to find time for yourself when you need it.
44. How to make grumpy kids and husband laugh.
45. How to be sympathetic and caring when you don't really feel like it.
46. How to make a fire and roast a marshmallow.
47. How to buy a great, thoughtful gift.
48. How to write a letter without using a technical device.
49. How to create something scrumptious without ingredients from a box or can.
50. How to share and enjoy the beauty of LIFE!
This list is fluid and organic. It is ever changing and morphing as I practice and hone my skills and as the needs of those around me change as well. All of this to say that skills are important but my greatest skill will be the mastering of #50. If I can inspire and encourage others to truly see that this life is beautiful and worth  living, I have succeeded!


  1. Lisa,
    # 10 ~ producing the document when needed is my life. Until it is found i think to myself, how important is this document if I don't find it...can I get another one sent to me if i don't find it...Oh the worries
    # 40 ~ hanging a picture...ask your mom about how well we hang pictures together :P

  2. Lisa, I love this list! I feel truly competent in only a few of these things (#3, 5, 17, and 48 perhaps). I am a work in progress for a few others (#10, 11, 18, 23, 36 and 45). I have no excuses for not knowing some (#1, 21, 26 (sorry!), 30, and 39), and I can only dream of most of them (#6, 22, 28, 38 and 47). Shows just how complicated being a girl really is!