Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is True Life...

Here's a poem for a rainy day. I wrote this many years ago and thought I would share it with you. Would love to hear what you think true life is all about.
Is true life....
In the complexity of roses
Or the simplicity of daisies?
In plain black and white
Or vivid illustrations?
In a homogeneous script
Or a personalized notebook?
In a cold douse of reality
Or a hot bath of dreams?

Is true life...
In just three simple wishes
Or a single kiss goodnight?
In a monument of stone
Or a fraction of light?
In nine essential nutrients
Or eleven herbs and spices?
In the struggle of a woman
Or the innocence of a girl?

Is true life...
In all we understand
Or the intrigue of mystery?
In a distant horizon
Or a place called home?
In a heart unscathed
Or one that's been broken?
In unwrinkled perfection
Or the laugh lines of character?

Is true life...
In the bliss of ignorance
Or the wealth of knowledge?
In Versace ballgowns
Or flannel pajamas?
In the frame surrounding
Or the picture inside?
In the memory of history
Or the hope for tomorrow?

Is true life...
In the dirge of those forgotten
Or the first cries of new birth?
In rare, untasted delicacies
Or chicken soup for the soul?
In the breaking of the dawn
Or the stillness of the night?
In knowing all the answers
Or asking endless questions?

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