Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last Saturday, I had a day to myself. Jeremy was hanging out with the kids so I took off to the city. I had some things to do, but I also just wanted to have some chill time. It's been a busy last couple of months and I was feeling the need to be quiet. That's what I love about going to the city. You only have to talk if you choose to. What I found in most of the places that I went into is that most people who work in retail would rather not to talk to you either. I don't really understand this but I was okay with it on that day. Silence was what I was needing.

My last stop before coming home was the Costco run. There are a few staple items for the pantry that I like to pick up there. While I was there, I noticed a lovely red sweater. It was cozy and fit perfectly. I added it to my staples in the cart. I like to get in and out of Costco as quickly as possible, I'm a list person and I usually stick with list, except for the sweater I was doing great. I stood in the long Saturday check-out line and was out of there without to much pain. I grabbed a coffee for the drive home and pointed my car in that direction.

It wasn't until I was unpacking the car at home that I missed the sweater. I looked everywhere for it. I realized I must have left it in the cart in the Costco parking lot. Sounds exactly like something that I would do. You may recall my purse fiasco of some months ago. The thoughts that came to mind after a brief episode of the "Aww Shucks!" was that I bought the universe a sweater. That made me smile. I hope that someone out there finds it and it makes their day. I hope that red is the favorite color of the person that finds it. I hope that my sweater is exactly what the person needed on that day. I hope that my sweater keeps someone warm and cozy for the rest of this crazy winter that we've been having. I hope my sweater travels to places that I've never been. I hope my sweater gets passed on and shared as it has been from the moment of purchase. I was actually happier that I didn't have it than if I was wearing it. It's funny how perspective can do that.

I found out recently that my four-year-old niece, Lylia, has two dolls that she has dubbed 'Loose' and 'Loosen' Up'. When I heard this I had to laugh. I think she is trying to tell the world something. Don't let things get you all tied up in a knot. Stay loose. If you're uptight, loosen' up and buy the universe a sweater!

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