Tuesday, March 29, 2011


make bed
feed the dog
crowd control
practice piano
do song and dance for little people
sweep the floor
tidy again
get Elle on the bus
maybe read a book
maybe write something besides a grocery list
maybe talk to mom on the phone
tidy some more (without eye rolling)
maybe cuddle with my husband
maybe have a friend for tea

This is the outline of my dailiness.

The "dailiness" doesn't leave a lot of room for awe, but I try to see it. I try to laugh. I try to appreciate the little things. I look for Hope in the everyday connections with people. I try to see beauty in the world. I try to hear it in a song. I try to smell it in the breeze. There are amazing things to experience in the middle of the dailiness. Grilled cheese sandwiches shared with the people that you love somehow taste like something from a  gourmet kitchen. Conversations about the "whys" of life with an inquiring five-year-old that make you see things from a different perspective or make you ask your own "whys". Sloppy kisses and outside smelling hugs from busy little boys that warm up your worn-out and tired heart. Belly-laughing with your best friend until your stomach hurts and your face aches can only happen in the middle of dailiness. Dailiness is devastatingly funny sometimes, especially after the third glass of spilled milk in one meal. You really feel like crying but it is too funny, too heart-breaking, and too incredible to do anything but laugh until you can't anymore.

I sometimes long for more than dailiness, but often realize that in the middle of dailiness I feel the most love, I get to be with the people that have blessed my life the most. I am grateful for the bright spots that are my dailiness. I cherish my dailiness, what would life be without it?

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