Monday, March 21, 2011


For today's post I thought I would share some song lyrics that I've been working on. I wish I had the smarts to actually get the song on here somehow, that would be cool. Maybe that should be the next thing that I learn how to do. Anyway, this song is about how love changes. In the beginning, love is exciting and you feel floaty and ecstatic that love has found you. Years go by and love gets into a routine and sometimes a rut. You have to work at love to keep it. It's worth it too. I want to have an epic love story. I'm not just talking about romantic feelings either. I'm talking about respect, care, concern, thoughtfulness and perseverance to make it through the times when the "feelings" of love are not so prevalent. This is epic to me. It's a love that my kids learn by seeing it in action. It is a love that is passed down and passed on. It's what these lyrics are about....

Do you remember at hello
Hello, hello
How simple life could flow
At how moments spent in silence
Held an intense undertone
When fingers intertwined
And faces said it all
When emotion spoke much louder
Than all I can recall

We were souls bound for connection
We needed no direction
Surging past introduction
Swept away

With calendars discarded
Goodbye, goodbye
Time has brought us here
I still hold your heart
With trembling and fear
On this side of forever
The stakes are higher still
There's an ever growing dimension
Of love that we can fill

We are souls bound for connection
Needing no direction
We're surging past introduction
Swept away

Dreams have bled intensity
We push passed mediocrity
And kindle creativity
So we can love passionately....

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