Saturday, February 26, 2011


This week has been a baby boom in our family. I have two new nephews and no they are not twins. Born two days apart, I imagine the trouble that two little boys growing up together will be able to think of, especially when they are guided by their older cousin, Coen! It is so exciting to welcome new life into the world. Jeremy was singing a song at breakfast the other morning by the Beach Boys..."God only knows where I would be without you....". These lyrics prompted me to look around my table of toast munchers and ask that question to myself. Where would I be without these amazing people a part of my life?

I know as a new mother, I could sit for hours just holding my sweet little baby and I almost couldn't remember how my life was before I had them in my arms. I almost didn't want to. The change that is wrought in your heart when your flesh and blood takes their first breath is life altering. There is a fierceness that comes to the surface when it comes to protecting them. A tenderness in every touch. An ache when you think about all the things that your baby will have to learn the hard way. A pain in your soul when you think about the pain that they will experience in their lives. An overwhelming sense that there is no possible way for you to get this whole parenting thing right. And dreams. Dreams of the kind of person your little person will become.

Babies are remarkable in that they shake up the worlds of parents who have never had to take care of anyone but themselves. A tiny bundle of dependency. They need you for everything. Babies make better people out of their parents. I can say that with some backing. It has happened to me.

I know that Levi and Will are going to bring much joy, blessing and heartache to lives of their parents, it's inevitable. For my brothers and sisters-in-law I pray much love, wisdom, and joy as you venture out on the road of parenting. You will all be amazing parents! You have had incredible examples in your own parents. I look forward to getting to know my two new nephews. You are loved little ones.....and welcome to the world!


  1. Well said Lisa!! The baby boom continues... you still need to meet your Cousin Anna! Marcy

  2. I'm going to print this as a keepsake, and also as a daily reminder of all the things that are so important to remember and keep in perspective. Levi has already made us turn off the TV and choose music to fill our house instead. A small change, but I guess it just proves your point - he is already making us into better people. We are grateful!