Friday, January 28, 2011


There are a few household duties that I avoid and put off until they seem to loom so large in the corner of my eye that they become the hugest and most awful task in the entire world. Cleaning the cabinet under the kitchen sink is one of them. Our garbage can and our compost pail are under the sink and sometimes things don't quite end up in the proper spots, if you know what I mean?! Over time, all the things that miss the garbage can or the compost bucket really build up and it gets really disgusting under there. Cleaning under the sink never makes it on my to do list somehow and it gets worse and worse. Yesterday, the mess was conquered. I donned the rubber gloves and went at it! In all it took me about fifteen minutes and the job that I was dreading wasn't nearly as awful as I anticipated. Even washing out the garbage can, without gagging, went without a hitch.

I learned something yesterday. The things that my mind blows out of proportion and that I avoid, really aren't as big of a deal as I think they are. This lesson applies to more than just cleaning. There are other things that I avoid in life too; apologizing to someone that I have mistreated, being available to people and causes that could use my help, one-sided relationships with people where all the work is on my side, being totally honest with people when they ask my thoughts or opinions on things, exercising faithfully, and making the dreaded phone calls! Most of the things that I avoid are asking me to step up and grow up and be dedicated and committed to something great. I know that in doing the things that I avoid, I will become something better. My mind still makes the excuses and tells me to keep avoiding. It whispers, "It's too hard. You'll look like an idiot. Why me? Who cares? What difference does it make? Lisa, you're weird!". I think maybe the whispers want me to lose and to stay stuck where I'm at. The evidence goes back to my job of yesterday. Once, I got to work and did the task, it wasn't so bad, it even spurred me on to scrub the floor, clean the toilet and wash the windows! I have a cleaner house today because I started with one dreaded task.

If I faced my avoidance list head on and began to do the things that I truly put off, I would be better. There wouldn't be so much drama in my mind. I would likely sleep better at night. I wouldn't stress about things that really aren't stressful, if I'm honest. I would have better relationships. I'd be growing up...all these musings because I cleaned under my sink!


  1. Great article Lisa. This same task is at the top of my "Avoidance List" too. I'm sure I'll have nightmares about it now and maybe with that it will get accomplished on Monday!

  2. Lillian,
    Thanks so much for reading! I hope that your avoidance list has one less thing on it as of tomorrow....that is inspiring!!! See you Tuesday!