Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh, how I have missed blogging! My band and I just finished a practice. I have to say that it's sounding pretty great. We are tying up the loose ends and making some pretty great music. But I have to say that some of the best music we made today was the laughter shared. It seems to me that sometimes I kind of forget that I need to laugh. It's not optional to my sanity. To any casual observer today, they would have thought we were absolutely insane and that what we were laughing at wasn't even that funny, and they probably would have been right, but at that moment, there was nothing funnier.

I'm sure you've had these moments too. Maybe it's partly stress relief to laugh like that, uncontrollably until the tears are coming down your face and your stomach hurts, it's definitely therapy or something. I sometimes wish there was a laughter valve that you could turn on when you need a good laugh, but definitely off when something strikes your funny bone and you can't help the snickers no matter how hard you try. It's those inappropriate laughter times that have got me in trouble over the years. When you laugh at the wrong time or for the wrong reason there are consequences! I've been kicked out of class for laughing. I've been given nasty looks for laughing. I've felt like crawling in a hole because I've laughed at someone and it hurt them. I've been laughed at more times than I can count.

Laughing with friends today reminded me that there truly are "times to laugh" and we definitely need to find the joy in life. For me, the laughter, made an already great practice, even better. Work, music, friends and fun. What could be better?


  1. Nothing really beats the face cramps, stomach pain and streaming tears of long and hearty belly laughs! You're absolutely right!

  2. Man, that's the best. There is truly nothing better than some tears pouring of the face!

  3. nothing! is better than friends, fun and laughter

  4. We often take life too seriously and miss out on so much of the amazing and just fun stuff around us. Even the silly little things. It is so good to laugh especially with family and good friends.