Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Spunk, get-up-and-go, oommfff, energizer bunny, dynamo, vigor, gusto, zest, verve, pep, live wire, and fervor are all words that are, to me, synonymous with energy. Many of you know that I have two children, Elle and Coen. This word, energy, applies to both of them but in particular to child number two. Coen is two and a half years old and is full of life. The following words have been said about Coen upon observation or from having spent any length of time in the same room with him; rambunctious, monkey, hyper, handful, wiggly, and does he ever sit still?

Coen loves to be where the action is and if there is a dull moment he will fill it up with some kind of craziness. He giggles and tickles and runs very fast on two small legs. He throws things and loves to get into the honey when he thinks that no one will find "his royal stickiness". He is an amateur escape artist and can con anyone into giving him things laden with sugar, his drug of choice. And then he smiles and wants to cuddle melting your heart into a big puddle of goo (he gets that from his Dad). Five seconds later though he starts up with the mischief all over again (he gets that from his Dad too!). This is just how he is and I love him to bits. The downside is that he really seems to wear me out. I sometimes wish that his energy could recharge mine somehow.

Everything about life requires energy. Relationships, jobs, studying, parenting, cleaning the toilet, playing Bocce ball, learning Japanese, riding a unicycle, pulling weeds, climbing Mt. Everest, and writing a blog late at night, all require that some effort on our part is exerted. I don't know about you, but when I have completed a task that required a lot of energy I sometimes like to stand back and just look at it for a bit, even if it's only an abstract observation in my own mind. I like to think about how the work that went into whatever I was trying to accomplish was worth it. I like to think about how that work can or will affect others around me. I love it when I can look at my effort and feel like I did my best. There is a sense of satisfaction in energy well used.

The flip side of this happy coin is the fact that sometimes the energy we put into things drains us. I know that I have a lot harder time seeing the value in things that make me feel like I would rather just stay in bed! Sometimes there is not a whole lot of immediate return on the energy that we spend. This is called investment. The return is far into the future, if ever. Yet these uphill battles and struggles are worthy pursuits because they require us to persevere and to be faithful even when there doesn't seem to be an end to them or a reward. Maybe the reward for our investment is not our own, but someone else's. I know that as I parent my monkey, Coen, the energy that he consumes from me, is my investment in who he becomes. As much as he wears me out now and keeps me on my toes, I know that every moment I spend with him will shape my little world-changer and it's worth it!


  1. Just so you know, you are a phenomenal mother! Your investment is courageous and will pay huge dividends. You also have an awesome husband who is the product of his parents' faithful investment of energy ('cause from what I've heard, your son gets a lot of his qualities from Dad!). Some day, some beautiful young woman will be so grateful for the man you have raised. Until then, go Mom!! (and there goes Coen...)

  2. ha. I have a new name apparently.

  3. Wow....you have no idea...nor does Coen, sadly, how much I love that boy. Without even knowing he impacted my life. I normally scare little ones. Have since I was young. But Coen? Naw...not him. He saw through me. Enjoy him. Love his energy. His life. His....ness....it will teach you...inspire you...make you more...make you...hmmm...a better parent, a better person. A better you..... How do you know this, you ask? I have one too...or two...or three...I don't know. It's fantastic. I love it. Just wish I got to know this little one better. Some day when he is older...let him know, you impacted one lady...deeply. You are truly an inspiring Man of God. Live strong. Live large. Live free. Live....God. Love you!